Are you migrating to AWS, GCP or Azure? Building MLOps pipelines? Trying to get your team up to speed on new skills and best practices? I'm here to help.

I've been designing cloud-native distributed systems for over a decade and a half and helped dozens of teams pick up unit testing, CI/CD, container architectures and so much more.


Passing on knowledge gained over years of field work is my passion. I've been building and teaching courses and workshops for organization big and small.

The subjects I've taught include microservice architectures, test automation, refactoring legacy code, domain-driven design, and the Python language.

My pride and joy is the course Databases and SQL that I authored and have been teaching at Reichman University in Israel for the past 6 years.


Programming has been my passion since I first laid hands on a computer in elementary school. Fingers on the keyboard are the only way to keep learning and to stay sharp and so I always strive to have a hands-on coding project to work on.

My goto platforms are Python, Java, C#, Javascript and TypeScript and I'm always eager to add more languages to the list.

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